This short film is in experimental documentary in direct reference to one of LA’s most iconic city elements - The Sixth St. Viaduct. A type of hybrid narrative, fusing both reality + fiction as a form of expression towards the emanating contemporary city. 

The Sixth Street Viaduct in Los Angeles is probably the most famous bridge you’ve never heard of and moments away from extinction. Built in 1932, the distinctive steel-and-concrete span has linked the east-end of Downtown LA to the historic Boyle Heights neighborhood for nearly 84 years; traversing rails, freeways, and an isolated river. However, the bridge is suffering from a degenerative condition known colloquially as concrete cancer, which makes it prone to collapse - should the overdue Los Angeles earthquake suddenly strike.


She’s now silent and officially closed for demolition.


The video work is a cross-collaborative between Devin Gharakhanian and Mohamed Bensasi, an architecturally trained duo exploring new ways to tell, make, and share stories. Along side Drew Kessler; lead fashion designer of

"We are modern day flanuers interested in unusual spaces and activities, abnormal urban(e) conditions, a strange breach in the city leading one into the unknown, forgotten spaces, unseen revelations juxtaposed with the mystery of real life people, spaces, and experiences we happen to discover."



VICE, Creators Project